Engineering a Better Way

The relationship between a fletcher (arrow maker) and his archer is one of ultimate trust as both lives depend upon it.  An arrow that is too heavy, not true or of poor quality will not last the distance or find its target.  It is the craft of the fletcher that works in synergy with the skill and accuracy of the archer.  At Transfleet we believe the same principles apply between road transport engineers and road transport operators, working in partnership to achieve common goals.

“How can we work with you to reach your goals?”

Transfleet is your complete road transport equipment solution company.  Our team of experts specialises in designing and manufacturing bulk cartage equipment. We are passionate about building durable strong long-term customer relationships and innovative solutions. We listen and draw on our 45 years direct experience of the New Zealand industry to work in partnership with our customers to get the right solution for their unique requirements.


  • Trailers
  • Trucks
  • Aluminium dump bodies
  • Aluminium tippers for truck and trailer units - bulk haul and construction
  • Aluminium or steel feed trailers
  • ROC-TUFF steel wear plate truck and trailer bodies
  • High Productivity Motor Vehicles (HPMV)
  • Repairs, maintenance and refurbishments
  • Shurco and Donovan Tarping Solutions
  • Special projects
  • Moving ( or ‘walking’) floor installations
  • Monocoque Aluminium Livestock Truck and Trailer Bodies